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Monetize your Knowledge, Get Paid for your Oracle Experience, Expertise and skills. VIP Level priviledge in Duxum Community

Why become Coach/Instructor/Trainer/ Mentor/ Expert ?

  • Financial Compensation – Supplement your current income
  • Set your own Working Hours and Teach Topics of your choice.
  • Revenue sharing model opportunities

Monetize your knoweldge, build your professional brand with Duxsm
– Free and Paid – self learning courses ( Duxsm Online course builder to help you )
– free and paid – online webinars or bootcamps ( Duxsm will organize and do marketing )
– free and paid – Certification/ Exam study ( Duxsm will organize and do marketing )
– free and paid – Professional coaching/ mentoring ( You can choose billing rate and guidelines )
– free and paid – specific help on specific topics ( You can choose billing rate and guidelines )

Additionally , Duxsm will help you in promoting you as experts in your work area via –
– highlighting your courses, events, blog, videos, community posts
– You can have VIP Membership FREE ( actual charge is 25 $ / month ) and can access other expert’s exclusive learning resources FREE with VIP Review and Contribution approach.

– Start with couple of Online Webinar to showcase your knowledge and build some marketables contents in form of blogs, articles, videos
– annouce of your course, bootcamps or services you like to deliver
– you can decide fee for your services.

Duxsm Charges as of now
No Listing charges of your profile, services and content
VIP Memebership fee waived off ( 25 $ / month )
No Charges on Your courses listing or selling as of now
No charges on Your events or professional services as of now.

We are looking Oracle Experts to allow them to provide their services in different formats and as per their expertise and interests

Oracle Technology

Database, Programming, Development, DevOps, cloud Tools


EBS R12, PeopleSoft, Fusion, JDE, NetSuite

Product Families

ERP, EPM, HCM, SCM, MFG, CRM, Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Utility

For Professional Roles

Students, Professionals, Managers, Architects

Different Formats

Training Courses, Live Boot camps, Video Content, Books, Assignment, Oracle solutions, Projects, one-2-one Coaching, Interview Practice, Placements


How We are different and makes a difference for you. ( Specialized Learning platform vs Udemy / training agency )

With DUXSM Other
Video Content
100% During Beta
Max up to 25%
Live training
100% During Beta
Max up to 50%*
Short Course
100% During Beta
Additional Format
Books, Assignment, Solutions, Coaching, Interview Prep, Exam Preparation
Marketing, Sales
Dedicated Marketing and Sales support
100% Oracle Focused platform
Cover Oracle and Non Oracle/ Other Technology as well

We are planning to have exclusive sessions with selected members to launch their services and monetization activities. We will screen few limited members ( 10 -15 ) to start with in current beta launch.

About Us

We are launching a  Specialized Learning Platform for Oracle Professionals.  We are providing platform for experts to deliver their services and monetize their knowledge.  And Learners can get benefits of these services to enhance their skills and knowledge.

” Three main objectives of our initiative-
1. Learn New skills
2. Earn – Branding, respect and Additional Income.
3. Connect- engage with growing Oracle Professional community

For your Queries or to know more – get in touch / Watsapp +91 70284 76376

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