On-Demand Webinar – Practicalities and Drivers of Advanced Analytics for Fighting Financial Crime

New technologies are rapidly reshaping business. PwC expects AI to be the biggest commercial opportunity in today’s economy, and Gartner predicts that the adoption of graph technology will grow 100% annually through 2022.

Watch this webinar to understand how these technologies can be applied to fighting financial crime. Hear from leading industry practitioners and learn best practices for implementing these applications in the real world, including IT and organizational considerations, and gain a realistic baseline for success.

watch video after signing up here – https://go.oracle.com/LP=95622 

Key topics addressed:

a) Assessing the current global status of financial institutions’ journey to adopting advanced analytics into anti-financial crime programs:

– AI and machine learning
– Graph analytics
– Natural language processing

b) Goals, hurdles faced, and success stories

c) Best practices for rolling advanced analytics out across anti-financial crime programs

d) Gaining regulator acceptance of advanced analytics and maintaining auditability


Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis

Global Head, Financial Crimes Risk Management

Luis Pinedo

Luis Pinedo

Group Vice President, Transformation – Compliance and Conduct
Banco Santander

Frédéric Boulier

Frédéric Boulier

Global Head of Financial Crime and Compliance Management Solution Consulting


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