Oracle DBA 2020 Data Masterclasses

Reshaping the DBA role for the future

Through the use of automation, the DBA role has the potential to evolve from tactician to strategic contributor. Moving the DBA role up the business value chain and removing the tactical drudgery is possible with Oracle Autonomous Database:

  • No more tuning and reconfiguring systems, network, and storage.
  • No need for database provisioning and patching.
  • Less time on database backups and disaster recovery.
  • Database optimization is done for you.

Learn more about how to reshape the DBA role by attending our DBA 2020 Data Masterclasses on:

Week 1 — Data Modeling
Week 2 — Data Security
Week 3 — Application Tuning

These will run as live webcasts with Q&A sessions and will then be available on-demand as a weekly upload. And to recognize your commitment and earned expertise, attendees of all three sessions can complete a final assessment to receive a DBA Masterclass badge and earn the title of Data Pioneer.

more information and sign up here –


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